Monday, July 6, 2009


We live in beautiful neighborhood in the Hills of Claremont with a beautiful view of the Mountains and Hills. Although with this beauty come some downsides....Fires ! and wildlife...and I mean wildlife...we have had bears and bobcats and raccoons and of course every night COYOTES !!! I just hate to heard this morning I was up earlier than usual and let my little Duchess out..she went out and wondered around, I went and got online to check my email when I heard her barking , now this is not anything new for her but something just did not sound right, kinda of like when you hear your child cry when they get hurt...anyway I ran out only to see a COYOTE chasing her on my patio! Now we have a large back yard so for them to be that close to our back door is weird, but anyway I opened the door and ran SCREAMING...GET OUT as loud as I could chasing it (I knew it would be scared and run) and of course my little Duchess was running right behind it barking!!! Well it ran and jumped over the fence and I grabbed my Duchess and ran back into the house! My husband came down stairs asking "what is going on" me in tears and shaking holding my soaking wet little Duchess....trying to tell him that I just chased away a COYOTE! Good ending though Duchess is fine and I did not find a mark on her anywhere..but of course now I am afraid to let her outside (I guess I will have to go out and do COYOTE watch in the morning now!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


"Design Gives Back" Here is my little mini doxie Duchess with her "Play Strong" scarf on ...she was very happy to help her fellow friends in need by proudly wearing her new scarf which will help to raise $2000 for abandoned pets sponsored by check out her blog for all the pics....

DESIGN GIVES BACK: Decorate a Scarf & Help Lost Dogs

Design Gives Back projects help the world through creative action. Right now people are abandoning dogs and cats at an alarming rate because of home foreclosure and job loss. Can you imagine having to give-up your precious little family member? Heartbreaking. Simply by decorating an Oliver Wendell "Play Strong" scarf and sending a pic of your creation on your dog–or a friend's dog–you will earn a $10.00 donation to help these abandoned pets. So, simply by applying our creativity to making a cute scarf we can raise $2,000 for these needy friends!
Thanks Kalee for the opportunity to help out!