Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Design Gives Back" Here is my little mini doxie Duchess with her "Play Strong" scarf on ...she was very happy to help her fellow friends in need by proudly wearing her new scarf which will help to raise $2000 for abandoned pets sponsored by check out her blog to view the pet parade....
DESIGN GIVES BACK: Decorate a Scarf & Help Lost Dogs Design Gives Back projects help the world through creative action. Right now people are abandoning dogs and cats at an alarming rate because of home foreclosure and job loss. Can you imagine having to give-up your precious little family member? Heartbreaking. Simply by decorating an Oliver Wendell "Play Strong" scarf and sending a pic of your creation on your dog–or a friend's dog–you will earn a $10.00 donation to help these abandoned pets. So, simply by applying our creativity to making a cute scarf we can raise $2,000 for these needy friends! Thanks Kalee for the opportunity to help out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding Crashers ?

You know how when you are planning your wedding and are in fear of something going wrong ?? Thinking what if the flowers are the wrong color or the cake falls or I faint at the alter...well have I got a story for you! We attended the wedding of one the gals who works in my salon yesterday, It was a beautiful wedding down to all the details, pink, white and black were the colors. I did take some photos I can post later (battery dead on camera) anyway after everyone had eaten and the newly weds were making their rounds to greet everyone at the the tables there was a huge CRASH!!! and I mean HUGE!!! One of the partition walls the Country Club had set up around the room fell down, it landed on the heads of two people sitting at their table one was a gentleman maybe in his 60's and the other was this little old lady who later I heard was 91..this is really not funny, it knocked her unconscious and she landed in the lap of the man sitting next to her. When she came to, she fainted again and someone was trying to hold her head case of a neck injury. The gentleman was knocked to the floor right out of his seat..although I think was not hurt as badly as this fragile woman was. The paramedics came and took them both to the hospital! How sad this was as the happy couple stood there not knowing what to do! Finally the folks at the club got the event going so that people would not just stand there looking at this going on. Now how to get over that happening at your wedding?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No more little Boy...

Summer is officially over and I am up at 6 am...again! not so little boy is starting high school today, I have such mixed emotions. He is the baby of five and in some ways like an only child with his 7-14 year age span between his brother and sisters. He is such a joy in my life that is really had not dawned on me how this day would make me feel! It reminds me of his first day of kindergarten..of course I cried...and suddenly I am overcome with those feeling again, my baby is going out into this great big world. As I call him little, he really is not 5 ft 11 now (taller than me) although very thin, he will also be a special little boy that tugs at my heart!

This is one of my favorite pics of him at age 10
I just love his curly hair.....