Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Did you guess right?

As promised, here are some pics of just a couple of the items I have been busy creating. These OH so cute aprons are perfect for the Domestic Diva...I just love the vintage pink COWGirl one! Also the pic of my custom tags I made to go on each lovely apron. Additionally I am posting a pic of the coolest suede wrist cuffs that I am making also. NOW ...I'll keep you guessing for a little while as where you can pick up one of these cuties...and I will post more later...I still have lots of fabric in the most beautiful prints...keep checking back for more info!

Bling BLINg

Its official, I got my motorcycle license...I took the Ride Rite class in Corona and PASSED, then I took my certificate to the DMV where I had to take the written test, but I I wasn't prepared for was that I ALSO had to take the regular written test for a license too..they require that when you get a motorcycle license added the you also take the regular test so the your NEW license will expire at the same time, YIKES! So I grabbed a booklet and did a quick study while I was waiting to be called. You can only missed three, I missed two, So I passed! Then you just show them your certificate from the Ride Rite program showing that you passed the driving test and POOF, you get your new license. Sooo now I am legal! Check my beautiful new bike, I had a windshield added to the front, to give some relief from the BUGS that fly into my teeth...and check out the BLing I added to my new license plate frame...what will be next?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Little Home

Miss Lori Marie had the cutest project for us at AAA, we got to make our Dream Home with fabric and felt and mount it on a canvas...of course most of us did not finish this project as it needed alot of detail work done...but finally I am done. This was a fun project and I just wanted to keep adding more and more to it. I love the little Owl cut out Lori gave us and I put mine on the roof. I love bird houses so of course I put one in the front yard and what bird house would not be complete without a LITTLE birdie, so mine is in the tree. Last but not least, my home would not be a home without my little wiener dog...DUCHESS, check out her pink flowered collar!!!!She queen of the YARD....Thanks Lori for such a CUTE project!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take a Guess?

OK...so I LOVE fabric...and my recent trip to LA I just had to stop and shop at my FAV fabric store Micheal Levine's. I picked up these OH so cute prints from Amy Butler and Micheal Miller. Can you guess what I will make with these lovelies? Off to my sewing machine so I can post a sample for you. Then I will give you some hints of where you can purchase one.......that is the BIG NEWS to come SOON......HE...HE...he...I'm SO bad!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008


I can't even begin to tell you about the most fantastic weekend I spent at AAA, that is An Artistic Affaire and Kim's home in Culver city. First we had Friday night soiree at Sweetpeas with a Moroccan theme...check out the table decor (totally over the top) the colors were awesome, bright oranges and pinks, complete with a belly dancer and henna tattoo artist. Then on Sat morning off to Kim's house were I was just dumb founded by her beautiful home. She had every detail so beautifully done, we had an afternoon tea with all the trimmings....as well as lunch and dinner, seems like Kim was always coming around with a tray filled with scrumious goodies. Even her drink set up was so inviting. Check out my ever so cute little cupcake birthday book we hand stitched this was Kim Henkel's class, then Emily http://www.embers.typepad.com/ in the picture with me taught us the most beautiful bird book using PAPER Towels (can you believe it) but mine is not complete yet so I will post the pics later. Then Lori Maire (OK I will have to do a whole page on this cutie) showed us how to make our dream home on cloth and then mounted to a canvas (another incomplete project, but I am almost done with mine and will post SOON. You do have to check out her web site http://www.prettylittlethings.typepad.com/ though. Then last but not least CANDICE...and her beautiful party hat, don't we all look like Queens in our lovely hats? This was the most beautiful day spent with some of the most creative ladies I have ever met, I am just so inspired to create...create...create...Oh and Kim will be hosting another on in Oct this year, of course we got to pre sign up...but it you get the chance you simply must go to this event....it is sooooooo... worth it !