Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Member of the Family

About 5 years back we had a yellow lab named Lady, she was then about 13 or 14 years old , we were not sure about her age as she was adopted from the pound. She was the most sweet, loving, gentle dog....of course we all love our she got older it was hard to take her with us in our motorhome to travel as she could not get up and down the steps and she was too big to carry! So we decided to get a little dog as our future plans were to travel more and more over the years to come....that is when our precious little Duchess came into our lives, she is a mini dachshund, and she travel. Well my husband just loves her and so do the boys, but lets get REAL here....the boys would really love to have a "mans dog" so they say..but thinking about bringing a puppy into our home is just not something we would consider right now.

But when one of the girls that works in my shop had to move and could not take her 6 year old yellow lab with her, she asked if anyone knew someone who might make a good home for him, well SUCKER that I am when she showed me the picture of him I just about looked just like our lady dog. So I talked with my husband and he said we can give it a try and see how it works out....and since we have a BIG yard there would be no problem with having a BIG dog......well now we are the proud owners of "Chase" he fits right in! I have never had a male dog, so that is really different for me, but he is just so sweet, well trained and just fit right in with our whole family..dogs and all....

Of course all the BOYS just love him so he is getting alot of attention right now..the only downside is I just can't keep him out of the POOL!!!!! He is swimming at 8 o'clock in the morning ..YIKES! But we love will be interesting to see how he does on a motorhome trip..that will be different for sure since he is just a little bigger than my Duchess........

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am sure that you have noticed that Ruffles are the latest trend in the Fashion see ruffles on dresses, skirts, tee shirts, tank tops and even bathing suits (not that you would see me a ruffled bathing suit..HA!).

I am not really what I would call a "Fu Fu" type of girl, I mean I am not into Lacey, frilly things..BUT I do love the RUFFLES....I have seen some really cute bags with ruffles too..SOOooooo if you know me , you know I have to make one! here is my take on the ruffled bag. I made a smaller size bag out of white denim and then stitched rows of linen ruffles around it, made a long handle so I could wear it cross shoulder and sewed some vintage lace over the handle, stitched on a shell vintage button and of course a flower and some vintage lace...LOVE IT! I really wanted something smaller and cross shoulder to take with me went we went to the wine country so I could have my hands free for better wine tasting!