Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Bunny FOO FOO...

I have a thing for Bunnies, who can resist them they are so cute...anyway this little bunny has been hiding in my storage since October when I found him at the flea market....I knew he would be perfect for my Spring decorations....I just added the wreath around him and..Wow he looks so cute on my coffee table, I think I'll keep him!

Spring Fever

I am getting the BUG..the Spring Fever BUG! I have been wanting to get a glass dome or two and found a get DEAL at Micheal's...YES Micheal's, I found this beauty hidden on the back shelf in the back of the store and best of all it was on CLEARANCE! Yeah..SOOoooo I got two of them one large and one smaller..OK so I got four of them, but two where for my friend Karen who has also been looking for these. I got the cute little bunny and added a bow and vintage button, and the nest with moss, vintage flowers and some sparkly Easter eggs. I really want a glass cake stand but that is still on my list of things to find!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Wild Side

This is my gift from my Husband...I got to have my bike custom painted. I thought about a pink bike..but then I thought my husband has to ride with me and he may feel weird about that! My favorite color is blue so I decided to keep the blue color (only got it candy coated blue) and added the flames, skull, wings and of course the CROWN! OK what do you think? When I met with the painter he was looking at me funny when I tried to describe to him what I wanted, he really looked at me weird when I told him I wanted a CROWN on the skull, I asked "You must not get many girls in here with bikes" and he responded with this odd look on his face " you are the first!" Well I just LOVE it, now if this weather would just stay nice I might get a chance to take it out and show it off alittle bit...hopefully very soon!

Clean House

My friend Karen is a clutter buster, you know like that show Clean House...well I needed HELP! My craft room was getting out of control so she came over and helped me get it together. First we had to unload everything, and I mean everything..and put it in baskets and bins by category, we had a trash bin and a garage sale bin. Wow just like I was on TV...since I had it all apart I figured why not remodel, now would sure be a good time since everything was out of it place I could move a few things around and bring in some new fixtures...right? So here is the mess before....I am almost finished and will post my beautiful new room in which I will no longer call it my craft room but it will be my Studio..Ha!