Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clean House

My friend Karen is a clutter buster, you know like that show Clean House...well I needed HELP! My craft room was getting out of control so she came over and helped me get it together. First we had to unload everything, and I mean everything..and put it in baskets and bins by category, we had a trash bin and a garage sale bin. Wow just like I was on TV...since I had it all apart I figured why not remodel, now would sure be a good time since everything was out of it place I could move a few things around and bring in some new fixtures...right? So here is the mess before....I am almost finished and will post my beautiful new room in which I will no longer call it my craft room but it will be my Studio..Ha!


Maija said...

I can't wait to see when you finish it!!!
I'm glad you are posting again! I miss you and Kelly!

Karen said...

I can't wait to see it done too!!! Good girl! You did good! I might just pop by and check out the table skirts!
I am so glad to see you posting again!!!! But I must admit, how some of these people have so much time to post so much just amazes me.

natalie hansen said...

I sooo need to do that to my room!