Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cute Ruffled Towels.....Tutorial

My good friend Karen (Some days are Diamonds) asked me to do a tutorial for her Bloggerette Sorority..YIKES! I have never done that before....but I said "SURE" so here goes...............
My inspiration came from seeing so many beautiful white linen kitchen towels with vintage images and ruffles on them....but my dilemma was I don't have a white kitchen! So I decided that I would make my own to match my kitchen. So lets get started....Pick up a pack of cotton kitchen towels, they usually come 4 or 5 in a pack . I got these at Home goods for $4.99, choose the colors that match your kitchen, mine is yellow/golds and deep reds.Next pick your favorite towel for the main piece of towel and pick a matching towel which will be the ruffle. I laid it out so you can see the contrast between the two towels.

Take the towel that will be your ruffle and fold in half then in half again.Note that you will have finished edges on both right and left sides and across the bottom. It will measure 18" in width.

You will then mark it into thirds or at 6" from each edge. I used a disappearing ink marker to mark my towel. Then cut into three pieces each one is 6" wide. You will use only the two pieces with the finished edges, discarding the middle piece. I like wide ruffles so I chose to cut them at 6" but if you want a smaller ruffle you can cut to your desired width. Now set that aside for now.

Next you can choose from a couple of options , I wanted to put an image on my towels so I printed out my image onto fabric. I found the most wonderful images from check out her blog for tips and tricks on transferring the images, and be sure to check out the photo gallery for some inspiration, you can also purchase her images at her Esty site noted on her blog....and guess what she is having a SALE right now so you can get these images for only $2 each...WOW that's a great deal!!! You can purchase the cotton fabric sheets at most fabric or craft stores. I then cut my design to the desired size and stitched it to the center of the front of the main towel piece as shown below.

The fabric sheets have a backing you peel away leaving a very soft and flexible piece of fabric to work with.
Now get your ruffle piece and stitch across raw edge length wise using a basting/gathering (long stitch) at 1" and then again at 1/2" (note: leaving long ends of thread on both sides to gather with, do not back stitch) now gather the ruffle by pulling together the top threads only on each side and pin to the bottom edge of your main towel (as shown in picture above). Knot both ends of thread by tying behind ruffle as shown below. Then using a zig zag stitch , sew right between the two rows of gathering to stitch ruffle to your towel. No need to finish the top edge, as it gives it a very vintage feel, but you can if you do not care for this raw look.
You can then add a bit of vintage lace over the top if you so desire.

Here is what your towel will look like when complete.

Now I will show you another option. You can use Tee shirt iron on transfers to print out your designs then you cut around design and following directions on the package iron on your image for a different look.

I chose this Christmas Birdcage design to make some cute Christmas towels.......

Make your ruffle the same manner as above but if you want you can add some cute little buttons over your lace. Or .........

Maybe just a simple little red button for some added color. That is the best part about these, you can embellish them however you want too! Wouldn't these make great gifts ????? Isn't this a cute towel.....

You can also just leave them plain using your color scheme. Here are a few of my finished towels hanging in my kitchen....

These are plain and simple towels that match my kitchen.
These are fun , quick and easy to make... I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.