Thursday, May 27, 2010

Terri Brush

I have been just dying to take one of Terri Brush's soldering classes...SOoooo much that I signed up for her amazing Fall Art Camp in Oregon (on the coast no less) Check out her site for some awesome pictures of this upcoming event....

Of course I am not going this alone, I convinced my friend Karen to come along with me, and you just know that means trouble....and then our friend little miss Tiffany of shabbyscraps has so graciously offer for us to come up a few days early and stay at her cute farm house..YIKES! I am SO we are going up two days early and Tiffany is going to take us to all the best shopping places, then we will all take a little road trip down to the coast and through Portland (where Tiffany says we won't want to miss this place) for a weekend of classes and relaxing, I mean after all, all of our meals are going to be cooked for us, talk about getting pampered! I think I will bring a bottle of good wine for relaxing by the shore..OK...OK... so I will be bringing more than one!

Now if that is not enough, Terri will be in San Diego in June for some classes and I just couldn't help but sign up to learn how to make those awesome solder boxes she makes........of course I checked with her first to be sure she would not be teaching these in the fall...SOooooo I'm in, and I can't wait to learn how to make these cuties!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Break

Our first stop is the Delta, OK so our motorhome won't fit on this what? We had to drive all the way around on these little tiny levee roads. If you have ever been to the delta you know what I mean, and we just there at dusk so we were trying to rush to get to our camp site before it got dark! Yikes....we didn't make it and it was really hard to see out there where you are going....DARK is not the word for it, talk about and "E" ticket ride..........Well after that adventure we were ready to relax with our friends Jimmy and Vickie, who took us to this awesome restaurant for lunch up in the Napa Valley..YUMMO..the off to do some wine tasting (my favorite thing to do)we only had time to go to a few since we got a late start, but that was enough to do some damage....One day the guys played golf and I went up to Lodi to met with my friend Natalie Hansen..we had lunch and did a little shopping in down town Lodi..dummy me I left my camera at home..sorry!

Then on the San Francisco and Ghirardelli Square..had to make a stop to visit Amy at her shop....................................................

Crown & Crumpet, I met Amy at one of Kim's Artistic Affaire Events and she was so sweet and told us about her shop, so I stopped in and payed her a visit..she was busy but took the time to talk with me and show me the shop....OMG just look at these pics of her tea room....

When you enter you see this display of goodies all wrapped up so cute.

Then there is shopping and gifts galore.............

There is a fireplace and couch to sit and relax, my daughter Amanda is sitting in the corner taking it all in.

This is the tea room, the floor is pink and white cute! Can't wait to go visit again.

Then down to the wharf , the cable car was out of order so the kids just got to sit on it and get this pic.

Then we took them down the crookest street in the world..they had not heard of it. I tried to take the pictures so you would get the idea of just how crooked this street is!

What a view from here.

We also went to China town for dim sum and tea tasting.

I don't know why my son thinks he can't smile...I guess it is age!

This is like wine tasting but with tea, they make several kinds for you to try and explain the benefits of each tea.

We walked along the boardwalk at the wharf and then had dinner on the wharf, they have the best seafood.

This is my husbands favorite place.......................

A few pics at night , then back to our camp site.

We always take our little baby Duchess with us when we travel in our motorhome, she is the best but I think she was ready to go home now....ya think?