Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Little Home

Miss Lori Marie had the cutest project for us at AAA, we got to make our Dream Home with fabric and felt and mount it on a canvas...of course most of us did not finish this project as it needed alot of detail work done...but finally I am done. This was a fun project and I just wanted to keep adding more and more to it. I love the little Owl cut out Lori gave us and I put mine on the roof. I love bird houses so of course I put one in the front yard and what bird house would not be complete without a LITTLE birdie, so mine is in the tree. Last but not least, my home would not be a home without my little wiener dog...DUCHESS, check out her pink flowered collar!!!!She queen of the YARD....Thanks Lori for such a CUTE project!!!!


tina said...

too cute JOy...and it is totally you right down to Duchess and all!!!

Kim Caldwell said...

Love how you made your house vertical and of course, that sweet little doggie! So lovely. . .

Hugs, Kim

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey Joy!!
yours is just darling!!!
i just posted today! you and kelly look so cute in your hats!!

lori marie said...

super cute, joy!! i SO LOVE your dog...and i love that you stretched your house vertical. it was great to meet you. i'm so glad you enjoyed the project.

smiles and hugs