Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bling BLINg

Its official, I got my motorcycle license...I took the Ride Rite class in Corona and PASSED, then I took my certificate to the DMV where I had to take the written test, but I I wasn't prepared for was that I ALSO had to take the regular written test for a license too..they require that when you get a motorcycle license added the you also take the regular test so the your NEW license will expire at the same time, YIKES! So I grabbed a booklet and did a quick study while I was waiting to be called. You can only missed three, I missed two, So I passed! Then you just show them your certificate from the Ride Rite program showing that you passed the driving test and POOF, you get your new license. Sooo now I am legal! Check my beautiful new bike, I had a windshield added to the front, to give some relief from the BUGS that fly into my teeth...and check out the BLing I added to my new license plate frame...what will be next?

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tina said...

Look at you!!!! Your bike is so pretty!!! Congrats!!