Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cooling off

It's that time of year again when I am focusing on fall and thinking about Halloween decorations and buying some of those cute sweaters that you see all over the stores. Then I realize it is 104 degrees outside. Yes that heat wave we get this time every year, or so it seems... We will be heading down to our boat in Newport to try to cool off this weekend. Maybe even go out and do some fishing. I am still waiting to catch the BIG one!

I am going to visit this cute store that is all the BUZZ right now. It is called Paris to the Moon, it is close to the marina, so I think I'll drop by. I first heard about this store while I was at Stamp your Heart out in Claremont. Kerri Judd and Danyel Montecinos wrote a book " Crowns & Tiaras" which is right up my alley. Then when I was reading Marah Johnson's blog she too mentioned Paris to the Moon and that she would be selling some of her creations at the store, I am so bummed that I missed her. Marah's style is an inspiration to me ( have you seen her new line, Rock star, Totally cute). I had the privilege to meet Marah and take a class from her at CHA in OC last spring. It was just so weird that all of a sudden I was seeing this store listed in a several blogs. I am going to pick up my copy of this book and maybe... just maybe.... I can get it signed.