Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WHAT did I get MYself INTO?????

I am off this weekend to Las Vegas for the BIG Bachelorette PArty...me , and 7 young Ladies ( I say that loosely) they are a Wild Bunch. These are some of the items we got for the Party....shot glass necklaces, sipping straws with Pe---'s on them OH MY! a cute tiara for the Bride to be, and of course games, dice drinking game and PIn the Junk on the HUnk...I am bringing my friend Kelly along to help protect me from these CRAzy GIRls!!!! I made these cute little gift bags for all the girls out of these cute little corset bags I found and filled with Dirty Girl gum and Sexy lip gloss, added a Starbucks gift card because I know they will all need COFFEE in the morning and put them in a cute bag with this little tag I made for GIRLs Night OUt! Pray for ME!


LuvJones said...

Have fun!!! And be safe!!!!

Kim Caldwell said...

Can't wait to see the pictures from your escapades! I am sure Kelly will keep you in line - ha! Sounds like such a blast!

Hugs, Kim

pj said...

hope you had fun, just came back from a similar party a few weeks ago myself. did you see the thunder from down under???lol! i had a chance to get in on the marie soiree. yeah!! a carpool is definitely in order. ta ta for now peej