Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What an Adventure......

I have been to alot of Kim's events...but I must say that this "Affaire in Wonderland" was OVER THE TOP !!!!! The room was decorated in all pink, black and white, with flowers and everywhere. I can even describe how awesome it was. Kim had made chairs back covers for all the chairs around the tea party table with the itinerary in the back pocket, and we got to keep these....

Just look at the table of treats we had at our Mad Hatter tea party. Everyone came dressed so cute and most of the ladies had on their white fingerless gloves (of which some I sold at my vendor table, more on that later) there were ruffles on dresses, hats and flowers in fun!

The table setting had these towers of tea cups and tea pots, and these beautiful chairs full of moss and pink flowers everywhere. My pictures don't even do this justice.

I did make these mushrooms that are displayed on the table and they were a hit, I did give one away along with a couple of other items from my vendor table as a give a way, and sweet Lonnie won it, I think she was happy.

After our tea party Candice taught us a cute little book that we made out of envelopes all full of Alice stamps, bright ribbons and flowers. I just finished mine and will get some PICS to post soon. Then we were off the see the new Alice in Wonderland movie, and it was amazing...ever been in a movie theatre with about 30 women ? Well lets just say we had a BLAST!

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