Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Year...A Better Year...

Sorry about not posting for a while now ..but all I can say is GOOD BYE to ready to see you go! Guess you can figure out it was not the best of years for me. Don't get me wrong I had some great things happen, and I attended some awesome events in 2010....but also had some sad things and frustrating things too! I am not one to post the sad things I deal with in life but sometimes you just need to share with your family and friends and I consider you bloggers to be my friends! On that note my husband and I spent part of Christmas Eve (till 2 am Christmas morning) at the Animal Hospital ER with our adopted lab Chase. After our evening with 20 of our family members he just couldn't get up and I just knew something was wrong....he stayed till late Sunday night and the tests results revealed cancer, which is what they had suspected. So I have been kind of out of things just dealing with all of this and taking care of him and all the meds he needs. Of course they can do chemo but very..very ..expensive ($15,000and up) and of course no guarantee it will cure. Seems so cruel to have to make a decision like this but all we can do is love him and spoil him for the time he has just get attached so quickly and he really has been just the perfect pet. But for now I am in crisis mode for awhile....

So for me I am ready for a new year of new adventures and events, and I am starting out the new year with my first trip to AZ next week for another one of Terri Brushes classes...this time I will be making a bracelet. I will be staying with one of sweetest gal I met at Art Camp in the fall , Marianne. Her and her sister in law Barb were just the sweetest ladies, and Marianne invited both Karen and I to come stay with her for this I will be on my way next week. As for Karen she will be driving and staying with one of her good friends there and both of them will be attending Terri's classes. What I great way to start off the New year..Oh and I will get to see my sweet friend Maija there too! YEAH...AZ here I come!


Rochelle said...

Hi sorry to hear about your dog. They do become part of our families and it would be so hard to deal with, so my heart goes out to you.
Have fun in Arizona. I know the Texas gals are going there too. And say hello to Marianne and Barb for me too! I know you'll have a great time with everyone.
I am seeing Terri in March for some soldering - yah! Also will definitely be at fall camp - someone needs to drive Christina there to teach! :)
xo Rochelle

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Joy~

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet dog. I will keep your sweet fur baby in my prayers.

One of these days I want to take one of Terri's classes. I love everything she creates! I hope you have oodles of fun!

See you at Moulin Rouge in March!

LuLu :)

Maija said...

I can't wait to see you lovey!!
Bad year for me as well- let's welcome the new year with hope!!

Holly Loves Art said...

Joy, I am so very sorry to read about Chase. My heart really goes out to you and your family and I know you'll treasure your time together and just keep your sweet boy comfortable. Take each day at a time and kiss him every day. I did that with Albie and I treasure those last few months we had together so much. Hang in there Sweetie. I know how hard it is.

Hope to see you soon.

Mary Ellen said...

So sorry to hear about your sweet dog Chase- We had a similar situation with our precious Britany Spaniel and it is heartbreaking as they are such a big part of family.

I bet the class was terrific and you will show us all your learned!! Would love to take some fun classes like that one of these days! Well be in AZ too but not till later in the month. Hope to get together with a few of my blogging friends there which is always fun!

Planning a trip CO way anytime this year?

bee blessed

natalie said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. We lost one of ours last April...and with all that has gone on, I am NOT sorry to see 2010 go either!
Have fun in Arizona!

Wanda Metcalf said...

Wishing a wonderful and blessed year for you. This looks like a fun blog to follow I look forward to seeing what is going on in this new and better year!!