Sunday, October 12, 2008


I know you may think that I have disappeared from the BLOG world but not true!!!!! I know it has been a while but if you remember back when I posted my aprons and told you that it would be a SURPRISE about where you could buy one.....well it is time to tell ALL....I was in the process of purchasing a business (of course escrow and all the paperwork take WAY longer than you think) anyway I closed escrow on August 15th (mind you this was all going on while planning and carrying out a WEDDING for my daughter on August 10th) call me CRAZY!!!! OK so anyway I am now the PROUD owner of "Primped Salon & Boutique" located in La Verne....YES I was a hairstylist once upon a time (no longer ) but this may be the best of both worlds for me...I had been wanting to open a business for a long time and was alittle nervous about it all, then I began to think about the fact that I have two daughters who are in school and Amanda will graduate in December from Citrus College Cosmetology...YEAH! SOOooooo they can work in the salon and I can run the boutique....good idea, so my search began and I was told by a friend of mine who knew I was looking for a place about this Salon for sale...well long story short I bought it, all of the stylists (8) have stayed on with me as I have remodeled this shop from head to toe...I have created a blog to try to keep track of the process and also so I can share with all of my friends about my new found venture! Of course I have many hand made items in the boutique (not all made by me either) from many creative women that I have met over the past year or more! SOooo stop waiting and go to my site and check it out keep checking in to see all of the new changes and for our GRAND OPENING EVENT coming soon!


Jennifer Priest said...

Congratulations!! I cannot wait to go see it in person.

Maija said...

Congratulations on your new venture!!! I'm wishing you much success!

blingqueen said...

Well congratulations!!! Yes, you did have a bit going there didn't ya!!! How exciting!!! Maybe I will venture down there one day!!!

Will you be at the Marie event?

If you don't remember me, we stayed at the Marriott with you and Kelly and followed you into Artistic Affaire, so we did not get lost. Thanks man!!