Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet & Sinister Swap

Here are some pics of my goodies that I made for my Sweet & Sinister swap buddy Cupcake will also see then all wrapped up and ready to go! I got to meet with my Swap buddy Julie which was WAY COOL she lives close by me so we met and swapped in nice to meet the people you swap with, and the Funny thing was that she knows SCRAPPY JESSI...well I am beginning to think EVeryOne knows JESSI...anyway she was meeting up with the AAA group after the event on Sat and going to the Santa Monica flea market, I was so sorry to miss out on this but just too many things I needed to do. I will post all my Sweet & Sinister gift I received later (that means that I need to take some pics for you)HA!

1 comment:

Jennifer Priest said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! you never cease to amaze with your style. Love it!