Monday, May 4, 2009


My room is this really was a process, I don't know how those people on Clean House do an entire home! This one room took me about a month to do..lots of stuff to clean out and organize. I just love my new room and I can find everything since it now has a place! I am still on the hunt for a few items to fill it up ( I have one empty space on the wall) and I know what I want, just need to find it. And of course I have been looking for an old vintage dress form. I am taking a 18 day trip this summer to South Dakota (Sturgis Harley Run) trailering bikes with motor home, but little does my husband know we will be making a few stops along the way as there are many antique shops along the way..he..he

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mendytexas said...

Oh wow! I love what you did! Your room is simply fabulous! :)mendy