Sunday, August 22, 2010

The events...Les Sirenes

The shopping......we had a wonderful Day of shopping. Our day began when we loaded up the Bus...yes I said Bus and headed to the Long Beach Flea Market...wonderful shopping...of course I did not stop shopping long enough to pull out my camera and take any pics for you...but it was FABULOUS!!! Then back on the bus to headed to the OC, that is the Orange Circle, a great little town with lots of good shops and Antique stores. At the end of the day as you can see we were all bushed....these are some of the gals sitting in front of Heavenly Hostess one of the shops that did a little give-a-way for a discount while shopping! YEAH!
Now you know that some serious shopping took place when these classy ladies Julie Haymaker, Karla Nathan and sweet Danielle Muller are sitting on the GROUND barefoot going through their treasures...

To end our shopping event Val and Cynthia hosted a little cupcake soiree..nothing like a little sweetness to end your day!

This is where the magic took place on Sat. at the Hotel Belamar, wonderful little boutique hotel....Cynthia and Val at our table crafting or posing for pics..he..he

Sweet..sweet Sherry form Georgia who hosted the lovely Mermaid Jeans contest, with Christine in her beautiful dress. We can also count on Christine for a little style watch!

And oh the shoes......and toes! These are my toes with my fab sandals I posted about before along with Jessi's cute thongs she blinged up and Andrea's perfect toes and coral sandals...wish I had pics of all of the feet! OK that sounds weird but really some awesome shoes happening here.

Of course the jeans were great too! Me Holly, Val in her skirt and Terri's beautiful painted mermaid (i wish you could have seen the face of it)

And the faces to go with the jeans.......


mendytexas said...

Hey girlie!! I love looking at all your great pics. The blingie jeans are SO FUN!! WISH I lived closer to you...ggrr! :)mendy

Charlene said...

WHAT FUN WE HAD!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so blessed to have met & to have had the chance to become friends with YOU & so many of the other wonderful Mermaids. The memories of that special weekend has really brought me some "happy places" this past week. YOU ARE SUCH A DEAR for doing our amazing wall hanging swap. I KNOW how much work/stress that was for you. I treasure it & YOU! HUGS! Charlene