Thursday, August 26, 2010

Newest Creations....

So while on our vacation this summer one of the things I really wanted to find was a vintage bicycle...after much debate with my hubby about this he convinced me that I should get a new bike that looks vintage because the old bikes are really heavy and as much as I will ride (HA!) and the great shape I am in (again HA!) I would not want a heavy bike. These new bikes are very my search was on..we stopped at every bike shop we saw and even searched on the GPS for them as we drove through little towns! My hubby wants one too so of course this helped so that he did not mind too much me yelling out "Turn here..quick" Anyway in a little town called Paradise Colorado I found the perfect one for me! of my favorite colors! When I saw it I said "that's the one I want" , "oh and I NEED a basket"...Yeah! This was by Birthday present from my hubby to me! I just knew I had to make a cute liner for this basket and I just kept dreaming of what it would look like... We had to buy the rack to take it home...but we needed one anyway..see theres room for one more (when my hubby gets his)!Love my new basket..I am ready for a ride now....Isn't it cute... I have orders for two more already, this is a pic of the one I finished for my friend, it comes out and has a drawstring so that she can carry it with her as a tote bag if she wants too!
This is not her bike, its my daughters but I wanted to show you what it looked like on the bike. Cute..right?


Cheryl said...

OMG....I have a bike very similar to yours, but green (of course) with the square wire basket. I want a basket liner (can you hear me whining???) Do you have a pattern I can mooch from you?

bettyl said...

Isn't that clever! I love the idea.

Autumn said...

SUPER CUTE! I need to get to work on refinishing my bike. Love the basket!
Autumn Clark
Best Halloween Ever Blog Groupie

Charlene said...

ADORABLE as ALWAYS Ms Joy!!!! You look so flippin cute on that bike. And I love the basket! I hear from Sandy that you are on a plane coming home. Must be from Majia's because I saw you in the photos of her party. When you get caught up let's chat about Round Top next year. HUGS! Charlene

mendytexas said...

Just tooooo cute! The basket is the best. I want one now!!

Maija said...

OMG!! I LOVE it!! Now I want a bike just so I can get one of your custom basket liners!! You rock, Joy!!

natalie said...

I have a pink bike, with the same wicker basket...that liner is Fab-u-lous!

Mary Ellen said...

Joy I love your bike! I remember you looking at the vintage one at our store while you were there. The basket is just precious!! My son bought me a wonderful bike a few years ago. I need to get it out and start using it. I bet if I had a cute basket like that it might just make me want to use it!! Better do it before the snow starts flying around here which, by the feel of it might be soon!!

You ladies have so much fun there with all your get togethers! I do wish there were some ladies closer to where I live that would like to do things like that! I'd love to do a blogging tea someday as teas are kind of my thing with friends and family!

Have a great time at your art Camp! I know you and Karen will have a fun time together!

Me, I'll be here in little ol Walsenburg waiting for someone to come to tea-

bee blessed