Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Findings Swap

I recently participated in the "Fall Findings Swap" with Karen Decapites ( Bloggerette Sorority Sisters. The idea was that you decorate a box and fill it with fall findings for your swap partner. Now, you did not know who had your name so you were asked to fill out a questionnaire so that you could get some info about your swap partner without contacting them.....Well, I was matched up with Debi Huntsman ( Karen did a good job matching me with her as she loves to sew ...just like me...and alot of her crafting is similar to my style too! So if you click over to her blog (noted above) you will see what I did for her....Now the twist, Karen had actually matched us up to each other but we did not know that...Yeah!!!!! So are you ready to see what Debi created for me?????? This is a close up of the box...just beautiful (note that the box did not have to be a fall box) the details are just amazing!
Here it is on my craft table along with the things she sent that were outside the box...really..she sent so much it was just like Christmas opening up all the little extra gifts. She also sent a little pumpkin candle holder, it got cut off in the pic but you can see the corner of it.
Here is a shot of the inside lid of the box, isn't it just lovely??
And all the lovelies inside the box, a little fall pillow, an old thread spool with dreamy lace on it, decorated thread spools, and bric a brac....
Some old buttons and beautiful flowers too!

This Bottle full of vintage pearls was one of the gifts outside the box, has a vintage looking label on the outside "Extra Strength Cauldron Bubbles" very cute.

These three little thread spools decorated with flowers, lace , ribbon and them!

And this beautiful tussie mussy full of lace and a a white pumpkin, I already hung up to display.....
Last but not least....of course I saved my favorite thing for this darling canvas with the witches on it and the words read "He...He...He" this is SOOoooo me! Isn't it just so stikin cute??? Of course it is also already displayed proudly in my home with all my other Halloween decorations...

Thanks Debi for all your goodness....and thanks to Karen for putting this all together so we could all enjoy some new Fall Findings!


Karen said...

When you both signed up for this swap I knew instantly I had to match you guys up. You are two peas in a pod!
You both go over the top and your work is just amazing.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Debi, she just rocks.
And once again - she out did herself on your box and EVERYTHING in it! OH! MY! STARS! You lucky duck!
One day I will do a swap with her and I hope to even come close to keeping up!
LOVE IT ALL! But I knew I would.
HUGS! Karen

Jo said...

What a great swap box I love the top and all the goodies, everyone has been so creative

JoAnne said...

Hi Joy,
I visited Debi's blog earlier and am in awe of your gifts to each other. So creative and so very beautiful!
I'm a new follower, and hopefully one day, a swap partner!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Beautiful....your box is absolutely beautiful and what lovely items inside!

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Wow... what a fabulous creation! This is so much fun seeing what everyone has created and swapped! Adorable :)

Happy Fall ♥

Caleen said...

I really loved what you got. And what you sent. You have some lovely things there.. Love the canvas Witches and the cigar box decorated is so lovely. You were both blessed. Love the bottle with pearls too. Great swap . It was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing such loveliness. Happy Halloween :)

debi said...

Joy, I'm so glad that you like your gifts! I always worry when putting a swap gift together that it won't be enough.
I am still drooling over all the wonderful and amazing treasures you sent me...and of course, the box is absolutely gorgeous!!
Thanks so much for all of the beautiful and fun gifts!
Hugs, Debi

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Joy! What a beautiful box you received! Wow! Just gorgeous... and I love all the pretties too! Lucky girl! Hugs!

Cortney Lyon said...

I like the vintage bottle, it's so cute. And all those little flowers...just imagine what you can do with them all!

Mary Ellen said...

Joy what an amazing box filled with all kinds of goodness!! Debi is just an amazing crafter, artist - I keep thinking if I stare enough at all you talented people out there that maybe some would rub off on me!

I saw at Karen's blog that you are going to be guest blogging a tute for us over there! How fun!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my lil punkins- they were fun making!

Not much time for anything else these days. We are trying to get the clothing pantry we are starting all ready to open this Thursday then this weekend we help a lady move to Denver. I hope to get a little thrifting antiquing done while up there!

bee blessed

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

Oh my goodness! The box is stunning, absolutely beautiful, and the goodies are heavenly!


P.S. I'm having a giveaway, please spread the word and drop by to register, Thank you!