Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Jo.......

Just Jo...ARE YOU KIDDING..JUST JO! If you follow this lady you can't help but to be amazed at who she is and what she does! I had the honor of spending some one on one time with Jo Packham along with my friends Karen Decapite and Tiffany (The Fancy Farm Girl) while on a trip to Washington State. When Tiffany told me that she needed to pick up Jo Packham at the airport around the same time Karen and I were coming in (we were renting a car) I said to her we can bring Jo to your house don't make that extra trip, well unless Jo would not be comfortable with that arrangement. Well of course she would not....she really is just we would be in awe of her she just kept telling us I am just it stuck. I took this PIC of her and Tiffany at Tiffany's home, her bedroom to be exact. What a beautiful home she has, every room just arranged to perfection. I am sure Jo gets asked so much to have her picture taken I was alittle remiss about asking too much,but I did click off a couple. We had a wonderful dinner cooked by Ms. Tiffany and had such a wonderful time hearing about Jo's adventures and Tiffany's crazy busy life. When we awoke in the morning it was misting and overcast, we walked outside only to see the most amazing sight.....spider webs everywhere..I mean everywhere, on trees and bushes all who would of thought that Jo Packham would have been so amazed with this sight (as she sees the most amazing things on a daily basis) but she was just looking and laughing and asked Tiffany to take some pics for her...of course her camera is just a little nicer than mine..he..he...but I did manage to get a couple of good shots.
On our way to art camp we stopped over in Portland and did some shopping...when I got a call from Tiffany asking if Karen and would like to join her and Jo for dinner....ARE YOU KIDDING! What time we will be we got to spend some more time talking and enjoying her company, really she is just so sweet! Then on our way to Art Camp where we met up again with Tiffany and Jo.....Here is a pic of Tiffany and I , we were trying to show off our outfits that were very you think?

In the end we said our goodbyes.....Karen got this shot with Jo as we all giggled.....GOODBYE JUST JO!!!!!

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Karen said...

So fun! I hope she wasn't offended when I said that to her at the end. She isn't "Jo Packham" any more. She's just Jo. I know she meets a bazillion people . . . but I'm thrilled that she is so kind to everyone.
And the shopping trip she invited us on . . . uh YEAH!!!!!
How stinkin fun will that be?
HUGS! Karen